Fifteen Shades of Guitar

A new light on the guitar

FIFTEEN SHADES OF GUITAR (a tribute to Marcel Marceau)

A fifteen-scene sound & light show without intermission (about 1h 15)

Announcement over the microphone: “Ladies & Gentlemen, please switch your phone off and please refrain from applauding between scenes; if you cannot resist, just snap your fingers in order to keep the balance with the guitar which is not amplified”

Guitar and guitarist are lit according to a sequential light scenario, provided to the organizer, 

Example of light effect: (click)


1 child
1 stage manager
1 guitar player


1 stool
15 panels or 1 conference panel with 20 sheets

Scene 1

 (total darkness, except a candle child enters the stage, displaying banner #1 lit by a projector

Child blows the candle when leaving the stage

Guitar: A delightful start for a day! – Alborada (clicksmall, light and playful dawn serenade

[white grazing light, like a dawn]


Child comes back with scene II:

Guitar: First cigarette for the French lover- variations on French nursery song « J’ai du bon tabac » (click), with side effects clearly depicted – guitarist sneezes and coughs

[smoke is launched under the stool]


Child comes back with scene  III:

Guitar:  Is that her? Hurrah, yeees! – Jeux Interdits (click) slow start, fiery ending

[darkness, beam on each hand alternatively]


Child comes back with scene  IV:

Guitar: Joy–you don’t change a French – Brazilian walz (click)

[as suggested in light scenario]


Child comes back with scenes  V & VI:

Guitar: Courtship display — but no means NO! – La douce dame jolie (click) a modest tone poem that does not end to the advantage of the courtier

[display of a medieval castle in the backgroundt]


Child comes back with scene  VII:

Guitar: Fast and Furious – Asturias (click) played with rage

[red lights, psychedelic]


Child comes back with scene VIII:

Guitar: Too bad, but let’s enjoy life – Serbian dance by M. Tadic (click) lively asymmetrical rhythm 

[as suggested in light scenario]


Child comes back with scene IX:

Guitar: Piano bar lunch – Ragtime (click)

[as suggested in light scenario]


Child comes back with scene X:

Guitar: Small siesta – À la Satie  (click) light piece, slightly soporifical

 [as suggested in light scenario]


Child comes back with scene XI:

Guitar: Wake up! – Humoresque (click) short lively piece

 [as suggested in light scenario]


Child comes back with scenes XII (successively):

Guitar:  Hunting with hounds (clicka brilliant symphonic poem depicting the course of the hunt (cavalcades, barking, doe at bay, the mort)

[as suggested in light scenario]


Child comes back with scene XIII:

Guitar:  Darkness falls on the mysterious forest – Legend of the Amazon (click) broken wood, percussion on the guitar

[as suggested in light scenario]


Child comes back with scene XIV:

Guitar: Back to cabin – Norteña (click)

[rose grazing light, like sunset]


Scene XV:

No frame displayed this time. Child just lights the candle, stage lights go off

Guitar (in total obscurity) : Strangers in the Night (click)


Child jumps on the scene right after the last note and displays:

Jean-Pierre leaves the stage blowing the candle, and comes back to greet the public in full obscurity. He is wearing a LED necklace in the shape of a guitar. The audience just sees the necklace bowing.

Note: each stage manager will be free to adapt the scenario according to hers/his stage equipment, and… inspiration.